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Mindful Media Production


A sand box is a space for play which continuously becomes something new, reflecting the collective efforts towards the idea at hand. Sand Box Creative was born out of a desire to infuse this playful spirit into workflow, streamline media production services. and give a much needed update to the existing model of "filmmaking."

With modern tools and mindful planning, not every production needs to have a massive footprint or put human comfort last. Founder, Kylie Hazzard, is passionately dedicated to finding resourceful, efficient, stress-free solutions that fit the task at hand. With a myriad of her own creative skills, as well as a larger creative network to call upon when needed, Sand Box Creative is a one stop, comprehensive shop for your modern content and media production needs. Services include, but are not limited to, film production, music production, design, creative direction, and anything else we can imagine together. 

Our Work

Good Dye Young
Comprehensive video production

St. Vincent
Live action video production

Sand Box
Our musical outlet

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